Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tour Blog: Through Different Eyes

A new twist on the tour blog, check out the first week or so of our tour through the eyes through two of our members:

Max: Drumming Across Canada (be sure to go back and start at the first page!)

Keith: To Whom It May Concern

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tour Vlog - Attempt #1

Using only an iPhone, James attempts to assemble a video blog to document the first few days of tour. The timing of this attempt is not ideal.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tour Update: Days 1-3

Short update here from the road.

So far so good.

Newly-fixed AC broke again as soon as we left Vancouver. Ugh. Windows rolled down.

Did some serious mountain driving to make it to our first gig in Creston on Friday July 5. Freak hail storms and herds of "big horny sheep" on the road.

Creston was wonderful, as was our breakfast the next morning at Renee's Diner. Thanks to Paul and Shelli at the Snoring Sasquatch for the incredible hospitality.

Keith and Max have a bet going. Max says he's going to fit in at least 10 half-hour runs before we reach Halifax, Keith doesn't believe him. There is a lobster dinner on the line.

The show in Fernie yesterday on Saturday July 6 was very fun. Post-gig beers from the local brewery were also enjoyable. Photos from the Creston and Fernie shows can be found here and here.

Max and Andy went for a run today. 9 more to go. Driving to Alberta to camp for the night. Currently writing this in the van somewhere north of Calgary.