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Friday 18 April 2014

Big, big news.

Fans, friends, family: we have BIG news for you. No Island is about to undertake our largest, most ambitious project to date. After over a year of preparation, we are finally ready to bring our long-awaited full-length studio album to life in all its glory. It will be monstrous, it will be uncompromising. A new chapter in No Island’s story is about to begin, and we want you to be a part of it with us.

We have new songs written and studio time booked, but there is one final hurdle to overcome before we meet you at the finish line. As an independent band without a record label backing us up, we are calling on you to help us make this album by taking part in our pre-order campaign on Indiegogo and spreading the word to your friends. We are eager to return the favour with a slew of tantalizing incentives that go far beyond an awesome new CD and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you helped make this music possible.

Please take a moment to view our short video, check out what we’re offering, and most importantly to SHARE THIS LINK far and wide with everyone who loves cool music.

All of our love,
No Island

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