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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Coming Out From Hibernation

There's no denying that No Island hasn't been properly "active" in quite some time. The last couple of years have been mostly radio silence, punctuated by the the occasion rare and vague promise that something was still going on behind the scenes. Frustratingly, life and circumstance continued getting in the way of us being able to do the thing that we love for more than sporadic bursts.

And so, here is a little something that we are cautiously optimistic will be not so much an isolated burst but rather part of a gradual flow of new developments as the stars continue to correct their alignment.

This past weekend we got together with our favourite photographer Gillian for a few promo shots to go along with the new EP we posted about previously. Hope you'll be hearing more from us again soon.

 - James / No Island

Hanging with Gillian

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